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C.B.Tool & Machinery Co. Ltd. is a well-established business, which specializes in buying and selling a variety of industrial tools and machines. Our office is located in Weston, Ontario, within the Greater Toronto Area.

We offer a broad range of products, including milling machines, lathes, electric motors, power tools, presses, grinders, drilling machines, machine tools, high quality drills, cutting tools and many more.

All of the equipment we sell are manufactured by well-known, top-quality brands, such as Korloy, Mitutoyo, Quality Carbide, Seco, Kinik, Bison, Jacob and Teco to name but a few.

For over 46 years we have successfully built an outstanding expertise and professionalism to ultimately satisfy the needs of our valued clients. Our commitments are based on quality, competence, trust, and constant improvement.